CRASH! BANG! As that car following too close behind you rams into the back of your car. The car has hardly any damage, so that must mean I’m fine too, right? My neck is a little sore, but what do I do?

The amount of physical damage to a car evolved in a car accident may not relate to the intensity of the neck injury/whiplash. Even “fender-benders” can cause hidden injuries that can develop into pain, headaches and arthritis.

What is Whiplash?

When there is a sudden movement, backwards, forward or sideways causing the neck and head to be thrown very quickly in one direction and then rebounds in the opposite direction, this is called whiplash. Whiplash is not only caused by car accidents, but falls and many types of repetitive movements can also cause whiplash, even-though whiplash injuries to the neck, is by far the most common injury that results from car accidents.

Whiplash can cause; damage in the joints, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments of the neck, also causing vertebral *subluxations. Most doctors give painkillers to mask these injuries. Neck pain is the number one symptom of whiplash but certainly not the only one. Some people experience; numbness in their shoulder blades and arms, headaches, pain in their eyes, visual problems, difficulty hearing, ringing in the ears and dizziness.

Often the pain and other symptoms of the injury are not immediately experienced at the time of the accident and if the *subluxations do not get corrected, you may continue to have these symptoms for many years, as whiplash injuries do not heal themselves. By visiting a Chiropractor before severe pain begins you can often avoid the lengthy ordeal of addressing these issues over a long period of time.

Of course, chiropractic adjustments also help older whiplash injuries, but recovery is usually slower and care during the acute phase generally takes longer.

Chiropractic care for Whiplash injuries

Whiplash can cause severe spinal stress and result in numerous *subluxations, which can cause or contribute to health problems straight away or later in life. Chiropractic care after a whiplash accident is a great, natural care option to eliminate these problems.

The Chiropractor will work with you and/or you’re family to assure that all issues are addressed quickly and that all underlying causes for pain are also treated. Correcting the problem by realigning the spine. Chiropractic care uses the natural healing process of the body.

Children that have been involved in car accidents

When a child has been involved in a car accident, it is always a good idea to have them checked out by a Chiropractor. Even though a child is secure in a car seat or buckled into a seat belt, damage can occur in an accident. By having these issues addressed early, the child will not suffer from the affects of the incident now or later on in life.

Accidents vary in their severity from “fender-benders” to full collisions, but regardless any time your car is stuck there is a large chance of being injured therefore it is important to get checked out by you’re Chiropractor soon after you experience a car accident. Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, to ensure optimum health.


*Subluxation; a subluxation is the result of spinal bones with improper motion or position affecting nerve communications between your brain and your body.

Resource: Davis, C. (2008) Chiropractic Treatment in Acute Whiplash Injuries: Grades I & II. Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, 2008, 1-3.